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College Park II
DEVELOPER Canderel Stoneridge
ARCHITECT Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.
LANDSCAPE Cosburn Associates Limited
GEN. CONTRACTOR Canderel Stoneridge
College Park is a mixed-use development located in downtown Toronto with phase 2 being 46 storeys high. The project is located within a city block defined by College street, Bay Street, Yonge Street and Gerrard Street, anchored by the historic Barbara Ann Scott Park and the art deco College Park Eaton's Building. The tower employs stone detailing which speaks to the existing monumentality of the historic Eaton's building. The tower is integrated with a podium which houses a mix of commercial, residential and amenity uses. This built form provides the necessary scale and transition from the tower to the pedestrian realm while defining the urban edge condition through a series of permeations for pedestrian interaction. The podium uses a mix of stone, glass and metal cladding materials to generate a sense of solid and void to further enhance the pedestrian experience within the urban context. The use of pedestrian canopies further define retail and residential access points while maintaining a sense of continuity to the urban condition. The townhouse component of the development defines the west edge of Barbara Ann Scott Park, completing the integration into the pedestrian scale on all four sides.