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The Mansions of Humberwood
DEVELOPER Tridel Hullmark
ARCHITECT Rafael + Bigauskas Architects
The Mansions of Humberwood are situated at the edge of the Humber River Arboretum in Toronto’s North-West end. The context consists of mainly low density residential fabric but the area has been identified as a future intensification zone with the Woodbine Live development underway. The project consist of 2 –29 storey towers with a 1 storey lobby and recreation centre link. The project was completed in 2008. The buildings are setback from the street away from the single family residences to the south and are sited far apart flanking the edges of a large arrival court with extensive landscaping. The main lobby spans 2 floors with a grand staircase. The recreation centre is on 2 floors. The party rooms are on the upper floors with access to a large terrace overlooking the Humber River valley. The swimming pool and various games rooms are on the lower level with access to landscaped outdoor spaces. In the initial stages of the project there were numerous meetings and consultations with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority to discuss building placement and strategic landscaping and re-naturalization of ravine lands and to allow for additional land to be transferred to the naturalized ravine area of the Humber River Arboretum.