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DEVELOPER Tridel Hullmark
ARCHITECT Rafael + Bigauskas Architects
The Meridian occupies an entire city block west of the intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue in the north portion of the city. Completed in 2008 it is part of a substantial urban development in the North York area. The 2 towers (26 & 31 Storeys) are sited on top of a 3 storey podium, enclosing the entire site, providing pedestrian friendly streetscape on all sides. The commercial space is along Finch Avenue tying in to the existing urban fabric. The remainder of the podium consists of 3 storey townhouses. The base element also allows to concealed service spaces. The podium is clad in precast panels to provide an anchor to the slick glass towers above. The outdoor amenity space for the residents was located on the roof of the podium. There was a very close collaboration with the landscape architect in order to create sustainable landscape features on the roof.