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Edge Lofts

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Streetcar Developments Inc.

Quadrangle Architects


Streetcar Construction


Edge Lofts in an 8-storey building with 64 condominium lofts and retail at grade. Edge Lofts is located at 625 Queen St. East, just east of the DVP, in the historic Riverside District - one of the city’s newest ‘up-and-coming’ neighbourhoods enjoying an influx of new residents, shops, restaurants and bars.


mmm not so nice

Seems like a non-fussy, simple, plain and functional grey building. Hopefully, when people finally move in and give it a "live-in" the blandness will only serve to amplify the life of those living within it. Perhaps that is what the architect had in mind(?)

You know those spiral drawing optical illusion things that make your eyes hurt?

Maybe that's what the architect had in mind with the design of these windows.

And if they meant for the colour of this building to depress me, then mission accomplished.

The ludicrous glass balcony on the roof is a fitting crown on this lame building.

Very poor fit and finish in person. Cheep, snap-on materials. Good intentions possibly but the ball was dropped here. I don't hate but I don't like it either. Again, how about a 'Dislike it' category?

This building could have been saved if the balconies had glass that continued with the window wall. Something akin to how the balconies match the window wall on X Condo.

grey grey grey
without personality
like a corpse on the street, and not a fresh one

Could have been really great, but turned out disappointing.

Well I live right near this building. I walk past it every day. Its one of those buildings where you think that the neighborhood was the architects ex from a previous relationship and he was building this on the block for revenge.

This building has no charm. Its about as offensive as your drunk ex-boyfriend at your wedding.

This building is about as " Edgy" as a 1995 Honda Civic hatchback with $ 2000 rims and a blue light underneath it cruising up and down Yonge St. on a Friday night.

Oh Snap !

Looks like a set-piece from a batman movie.

why does TO intensification have to be so ugly?

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