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The Majestic

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Times Group Corporation


Majestic Court is part of Markham’s smart growth urban intensification program to incorpo- rate high density mixed use developments along major routes and transit lines. The two build- ings are strategically designed to step and to line the two fronting streets with retail units along Town Centre Boulevard where there is increased pedestrian traffic and ground-related units with patios along Clegg Road where a more residential façade is created. A two storey circular glazed amenity feature is created at the junction of the two buildings as a link and as an anchor to formally address the intersection. On the other side, the two buildings frame a park with drop-off forming an urban oasis. Not only it creates spatial separation to the com- mercial developments to the north, this park also hides the two storeys of underground park- ing below it. Its façade is a careful blend of traditional brick and stone with contemporary detailing.


Just because you have the ability to add all of those features and materials, doesn't mean you should. The building isn't as bad as some featured this year but it's still not a very pleasant sight. At least it's in Markham, where no one will see it.

" Its façade is a careful blend of traditional brick and stone with contemporary detailing."

Translation: The developer got a deal on that red/orange brick since they aren't building anymore public schools.

The mixing of tumbled and smooth "stone" on the lower half of the building looks like a mistake.


I don't understand - the building is shaped like an L but there is no L in the word nightmare or horrific or crap.

Ain't nothing majestic here except maybe the developers' profits.

Someone should have looked up Majestic in the dictionary before calling this mess majestic.

Sorry, I meant PRETENTIOUS generica.

Pretentions generica.

They should just rename this project from the Majestic to the Titanic.... and sink it. Be done with it. This project reminds me of an STD. You look at it once and you don't want to see it again.

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