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Rouge Bijou - Downtown Markham

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The Remington Group Inc.

Quadrangle Architects Limited


Cosburn Giberson


Rouge Bijou is the first residential condominium complex in the development known as Downtown Markham located in south Markham Centre near the Rouge River Valley. The Rouge Bijou development comprises four medium-rise buildings where each pair of buildings is linked by a lower entrance podium. Quadrangle’s design for the buildings and surround- ing streetscapes shifts emphasis away from the automobile, encouraging residents to walk or cycle to nearby shops, restaurants and other amenities.


the terracing is great, and im usually not impressed with the old 'change of materials' trick, but here it looks great. i havn't seen this building since it was still being built, but im really happy it turned out like this. good one markham. now if you can just built a bunch more nice buildings, you might be able to call yourself downtown, and people will understand whats going on. good luck! (and also good luck on keeping the graspy hands off the foodbelt. we need food, not more suburban houses!

What a mess. That is all.

A little fussy but looks good overall. Congrats, Markham!

Yay for density in the burbs. (Or does this not count as the burbs? I don't know the area.)

about time!

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