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The Sorbara Group

Quadrangle Architects Limited

ENVision - the Hough Group



Sixtyloft is a residential development west of downtown Toronto that allowed the initial pur- chasers to choose from a wide range of one and two storey unit plans, as well as the style and colour of the exterior of their individual suites. The resulting design brings a unique composi- tion to the street while also expressing individual identity within the context of a high-density urban redevelopment.


are you trying to confuse me, sir? everything below the second floor is a disgrace (including the lack of trees, benches, respectable storefronts, human scaled detail) above the first floor is fun but only because its a complete mess that will be joyfully dated soon, making it ok somehow.

There are trees all along the Bathurst frontage, they're just not clearly visible in the photo since there were no leaves at the time.

If those strips of red were removable, then they could change the colour of the building for different times of the year.
But of course, that would take foresight, imagination and effort.

Cheap materials and poorly executed, just like Edge. And just like Streetcar Dev'ts, Sorbara slyly and superficially jumped on the urban bandwagon here to cash-out rather than city-build. Bathurst really gets the shaft at street level. Hate it.

Already a messy look - imagine when people get the right to hang their laundry from the balconies ...

a mess

Not a shiny green/blue glass ... thank-you!

Nice building but can we stop with the commercial shops at the bottom having an overhang? It would have been a great building without that. As we have seen with Queens Quay and other buildings of this stature the commercial space under the overhang always ends up being 1) a drycleaners, 2. Starbucks, 3. A Rabba. sigh......

Great visual landmark ... a nice addition to the downtown core
Easily recognizable with eye catching esthetics
Identifiable ~ Pops out in GM truck commercial

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