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Success Tower at Pinnacle Centre

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Pinnacle International


NAK Design

Mondiale Development


Success Tower at Pinnacle Centre is the 3rd tower of Pinnacle’s downtown community. This 53-Storey building is the tallest at Pinnacle Centre, and soars over 570ft off the ground.


Is there some worldwide surplus of turquoise glass? Why is it all ending up on buildings in Toronto?

I can't wait until this style - if that's what you want to call it - is over. It has turned our waterfront skyline into the same garbage that Vancouver has become. On the bright side, finally here's a building with style due next year:

dear toronto condo buyer: please do not support this architecture. its so annoyiiiiinnngg

couldn't agree more.

If you listen real closely you can hear the boringness of this building scraping the sky.

Another building throw up. Another Yawn.

Best second-rate building in Toronto. Looks good from afar and on the skyline but fails up close and at street level.

Incredibly pretentiously-named, generic Vancouver kitsch.

Raze all the tall buildings along the lake and start all over - see waterfronts in Chicago, Buenos Aires, Montevideo ....

....sigh... :( ...Not too long ago, the Waterfront was so very these abominations down there are gonna be Toronto's Burden for generations...It hurts so much to see such ugliness prevail over what should be the natural and green waterfront we were so fortunate to be given by Nature...I just wanna sob... :(

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