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Harbour Light, Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army

Diamond and Schmitt Architects

du Toit Allsopp Hillier

The Atlas Corporation


The Harbour Light is the new flagship facility of the Salvation Army in the downtown core of Toronto. The seven-storey building houses a community church, transitional housing, sup- portive housing and community & family services which include ESL classes for immigrants and refugees. The 86,000 square foot building is located on the corner of Jarvis Street and Shuter Street. The church is clad in polycarbonate panels that are backlit to produce a bea- con of light, symbolic of the centre’s mandate as a place of hope. The core of the building is a short-term residential addiction recovery facility operated in conjunction with the Ministry of Health Long Term Care (MOHLTC) that houses 48 single, double and triple dwelling rooms over six floors. The large glass volume along Jarvis Street contains the public programmatic elements - the recreational lounge and group room. A central corridor on the ground floor links all of the programs together; it extends through the length of the building adjacent to the residential and church courtyards.


cheap looking and adds nothing to this part of the city. When i saw it i almost had a sense that it was d&s architects.

I just wish it had been built beside Mayor Millers house. Our neighbourhood is the dumping ground for this type of facility. Design not really that offensive.

loved the renders, the complete building not so much. It is still likeable compared to much out there though.

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A big improvement over what was there before and they didn't tear down a period mansion to put it up. It's an urban building on a tough strip but uses some quality materials and the courtyard has interest and a human scale to it. Compared to the rest of this strip of Jarvis/Shuter it's a pleasure to walk beside.

the tall building is mediocre at best. the corner building is ridiculously inappropriate, the windows on the corner are waaay too low, the second floor has no windows, and most especially, dont you love how it blends into the community to the west? ya, fantastic.

Hmmmm maybe those windows on the corner are down low because they bring light into THE BASEMENT

knock down this piece of shit. save our city the eyesore.

I would've liked a different coloured brick, but overall, a pretty cool building that's different and nice to look at, especially at night.

More functionalist orthodoxy from Diamond + Schmitt. Is Phyllis Lambert on their payroll?

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