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900 Mount Pleasant

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Plazacorp Investments Limited

Quadrangle Architects Limited




900 Mount Pleasant is a new condominium development in midtown Toronto which is a com- bination of townhouses, mid-rise apartments and a high-rise tower. Consistent with Quad- rangle’s contextual approach to design, the redevelopment provides an urban response to a complex and underutilized site. The townhouses and terraced apartments are scaled to en- chance the pedestrian environment, while the tower is set back from the street edge, offering dramatic views of the city in all directions.


The tower is unfortunate but given the area I think it may actually age well. Yes Developers, people are thinking about how your buildings will look in 30 years.

Would have been better as a six or seven storey building rather than the ackward tower in a field of townhouses.

why are these crappy buildings even allowed to be built

Quadrangle's motto:

Give the dog dogfood.

Yet another development that's packed on site for profit and panders to its target demographic. Retrograde architecture. Strange site plan. Aloof and ambivalent. Adds nothing to the city.

The quasi-historical details are tacky, and the top of the tower looks awkward and heavy. Lack of street-level retail is regrettable.

The least they could have done was include street level retail.
Now it's just a bunch of crummy front doors on the sidewalk. Not a single civil contribution to the neighborhood.
This is a common problem with too many condos. Is it our zoning that needs fixing or are the developers just too lazy?

900 Mt. Pleasant. As forgettable as that really bad egg salad sandwich you had at the scouts pic last summer. You know the one? Where you were off work for a week running back and forth to the bathroom sitting on the throne wishing you could go back in time and take back that sandwich? Kinda like what most people who look at this building think or Cher maybe.

" If I could take back time I would..... "

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