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Royal Conservatory TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning

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Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects.

Janet Rosenberg & Associates

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.


The new TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning is the final phase in the Master Plan to build a new home for the Royal Conservatory (RCM). KPMB, under the direction of Marianne McKenna, has been working with the RCM to realize the vision set forth in the 1991 award winning Master Plan. In September 2009, the final phase of the master plan culminated with the completion of Koerner Hall, a 1,135 seat performance venue. The overall project involved the progressive restoration of McMaster Hall and the construction of a new TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning to create a unique hybrid of a teaching and rehearsal facility and destination concert venue with three major performance venues.


Postive addition to the city. Spectacular.

The AGO, the ROM, the COC and barely a word was mentioned about Koerner Hall which outshines them all. As a point of pride I take out of town visitors here. Warm, urban, elegant, joyful.

altho this is a definite 'love' for me, i do think it is a little unfair to toss too much praise on this project, without acknowledging the fact that the original building was spectacular to begin with. they made it better, but i think it would be really hard and embarrassing to make it worse (oh wait someone did that next door...) i kid. the only part i hate about the new ROM is how you cant go through the old doors, i loved those. and the new doors are so retarded and ugly. you CAN go through the old doors at the conservatory. +++

Historically respectful.
Perfect choices of materials, proportions and colours.

Telus should take the high road and remove that piece of sh*t billboard from the side of the building.

Their name is on the front of the building and everybody gives them props already for being involved.

Outstanding inside and out. This is what city-building looks like.

The new parts compliment the old in sophistication. The cladding and massing is great, it looks good from Philosopher's Walk (not just from Bloor), and Koerner Hall is stunning and functional as a concert hall. Congratulations RCM on the wonderful expansion.

the rare occasion I see a building here that elevates Toronto it seems to have these same architects... rising out of the mundane..thanks!

Yes. KPMB has an unbelievably fine portfolio. They are responsible for so much of the good work in this city. They have a great website by the way, full of photos. There are also architects who were "educated" at KPMB, such as Hariri Pontarini, who are having a great positive impact on Toronto.

This is a delightful building. It's kept much of the old, and blended in the new seamlessly.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this space. Beautiful views while still inviting and intimate. It has a wonderful scale that fits in with the existing building and Philosopher's Walk

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