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Summerside is an example of residential intensification on an existing transit corridor that un- til now was not pedestrian friendly. A reclaimed Brownfield site, its location on Warden is im- mediately adjacent to the subway at St. Clair. A city planned park and community centre and a desire to accommodate more families within the city prompted grade access townhouse forms. To achieve densities appropriate to the city’s plans for intensification, only higher density multi-family units were used, with reduced setbacks and very innovative zoning, they set new standards for residential development. Three storey, very narrow or wider but very shallow townhouses and back-to-back townhouses were designed to suit the irregularities of the site. To achieve cohesion with such dense forms a decision was made to limit the brick, shingle and trim to single colours. Paint colours for doors and shutters are more varied and playful. Ample use of balconies and porches help create community.


umm, i hate to break it to you guys, but in the real world people drive cars, and aren't going to buy a house where there's no where to put them. Get out of the classroom for a second and think real life. I bet half of you commenting would not buy a house without available parking!

The local Tim Horton’s is right across the street from this project so I have watched with interest as it was built. These photos are not great, the project is pretty good for an area that could really use some help and it’s far better than these photos suggest. The buildings and townhomes are actually quite pleasant. The townhomes visible from Warden actually don’t have any garages or driveways at all. I suspect they must park underground or use the subway. Many of them face mews with just walkways between – quite refreshing – not ‘suburban’ at all. As for the comments about putting garages in the rear yards or behind the homes – this appears to be much higher density than a typical townhouse project - a lot of these townhomes back directly on to each other and have no rear yards at all. From planning principals they have done a good job – for the most part the massing is also good and the work fairly executed, however, some of the townhomes could be toned down a bit – still I have to go with a ‘love it’, its really brightened up the neighborhood!

Discussion over the drafting table: "People like old fashioned, right? There's a market for that so let's give 'em what they want at top dollar...but with cheap prefab materials...and in a clumsy bulky style too!"

How do the people who create these horrible things manage to get out of bed in the morning?

There is a reason houses weren't built like this 100 years ago. It's because it's ugly as sin. What were the architects thinking when they designed this? My guess is, they weren't.

Bricks + Stone + Stucco...why so unambitious? Should have tried to incorporate some siding in there as well.

I love the terrace overtop the front entrance, perfect for nude sun bathing.

Great Job!

i was wondering what was wrong, because i was wanted to like it based on the description, then i realized that there were garages in front of every house. ya, so, remember, when you build stuff for cars, it means your not building it for people. it also makes it ugly, and useless in the future when there will be no cars. k thanks bye

Mish Mash Mush

Seems like a good example of infill medium density development with townhouses that don't look odd or unfinished at some point like many being built in Toronto. Good articulation along front walls and a good mix of material and colours, with an identifiable feature at the corner unit to create a sense of place.

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