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the Arc

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Daniels HR Corporation


The immediate image of the southern end of Arc projecting towards Sheppard like the brow of a boat, is not an accidental afterthought nor a whimsical caricature. It is the tension be- tween the horizontal winged entrance to the subway and the rising form of the residence above, that focuses the casual eye to follow the linear lines created along Bayview Avenue as it falls sharply away to the north. It is the restriction of width in the site, together with
the constraints of the local topographical landscape that creates a building mass that folds discretely into the side of the natural slope at its crest and yet forms a sweeping modern mid-rise avenue building that captures the glow of a crimson sunset in the crisp details of its façade. The subtle horizontal curve of the floor plates, accentuated with glass and metal hori- zontal banding details reinforce the sleek, sculptural presence of its horizontal.


Anywhere else and it would fail. It's a building well suited to the site and to the suburbs.

I loathe this building. It is completely out of place at the corner of Bayview and Sheppard. There is absolutely no consideration for the context of the surrounding area. This building looks like it has been copied from something on the harbor of Sydney. What is the purpose of having a boat in North York next to a shopping mall, across the street from a gas station and those awful faux New York Towers? With the hodgepodge of towers, Sheppard Ave is quickly becoming the most poorly designed streets in the city.

Finally, one that I can say I "love". Great homage to the streamline moderne style and the balconies are very sleek.

Great looking building. A rare example in this part of the city of what a condo can look like when the deveolper is not just focused on putting up a building as cheaply as they can get away with.

Dear architect(s):

Just because you CAN design a building to kind of look like a dorky boat doesn't mean you should.


"I'm the king of the world!"

This midrise building is a sleek landmark and a great addition to that part of the city. If only the subway line on which it is located had a future as more than just a stub with a pointless change in transit modes at Don Mills.

Not bad, but wasted on the suburbs.

Agree it is a fantastic building, but we need to build many more of these great buildings in the suburbs or the suburbs are never going to get interesting. I mean, look at all the utter horribleness that surrounds this building? Malls, car parks, eight lane roads andstrips of dead grass. Fill it up with more great buildings on those parking lots and you might have a chance of using the Sheppard line more efficiently.

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