ZAS Architects
Urban Capital, Malibu Investments Inc. and ALIT Developments
Landscape Architect
Ferris & Associates
General Contractor
Tucker Hi-Rise
About the Project

Boutique is a two phase, 649 unit condominium development at the nexus of the Entertainment and Financial Districts. Designed with a modern masonry base and a glazed set-back upper portion, the building is meant to be a transition between the two Districts, combining elements of the architectural vernacular of both.

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F+ only because of the remote possibility that the wind could someday gust strong enough and generate enough lift under the balconies in shot 1 to carry this disaster away and possibly/hopefully drop it into Lake Ontario. The deep part.

Yuck. Too many materials, lines, grids, disruptions.

Meaningless twaddle...Pic 4 looks like an overcooked visual stew.

So many of these buildings suffer from the same vague,confused neither here nor there design ideas like the architect could'nt make up his mind so he just thru in everything and hoped for the best.

look at how overpowering it is! i love the random patio furniture shot, as if that makes it ok somehow.

If you live here, you will always refer to your home as a "unit".

Excellent example of how density greed trumps design in this town. BTW, is that a "podium"?

But I am a 30-something junior banker and I'll buy because those outdoor beds must be just like the one's at Nikki Beach Club.

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