Eleven Christie

Eleven Christie

Lux Group Inc.
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makes the subway station look beautiful by comparison.

Not exactly elegant. Depressing.

The first thing we do when we're designing a building in 2011 is make it look like it's from 1981
Then since it's facing a park, we use small windows
Then we go get the cheapest, sh*ttiest windows we can find
Then we source the cheapest looking brick in the most horrible colour
Then we get some cheap sh*tty galvanized steel railings from Home Depot
Then we pour some concrete walls in the front and go back to Home Depot to grab some shrubs (on sale)
Then we make 3 foot deep balconies so people can only enjoy the view in single file


Clearly, the developer has nothing but contempt for the people who live in the building, the people who live in the area, and the people of Toronto. Appalling.

Is this a non-market project?

the ugliest building I've seen in years....I couldn't believe just how ugly it became as it rose from the ground. Please...bulldoze it under and start again for everyones sake (and fire the designers).

Without a doubt the worst building yet. I honestly believe they must have set out to build something completely crappy and to that extent they have exceeded their expectations. Way to go for setting a new low. Did no one along the line say 'hey...this looks and feels like s**t, lets start over?

Somebody clearly did'nt give a shit

In merry old England, an appropriate course of action might be tarring and feathering in response to such pathetic failure. It's not even about greed or conservatism, but repulsive crudeness. The subway station represents higher land value, but the building looks like some second-rate housing project from the 1970s. It's honestly hard to believe that this building is new. It achieves no interesting aesthetic and fails to take advantage of the foot traffic from the subway station next door for prime business space at ground level. People throughout the day stand next to it waiting for buses; it's practically a captive audience for a store! Then there's that huge blank wall facing the subway station and the fact that this building faces a popular park and is therefore highly visible. Why didn't anyone--a councillor, a planner--take a look at the plans and demand more? This failure is not just the developer's, but the city's.

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This site is a great location overlooking Christie Pits (with a nice sunset view). I can't understand why they'd make it so ugly. It's bewildering. Shame on you, Lux Group.

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