The Republic

The Republic

Burka Architects Inc.
Landscape Architect
NAK Design
General Contractor
About the Project

This project is a good example of innovative land use. A functioning but aging school site, in need of expansion and modernization, incorporates two condominium towers on top of a brand new school, while the old school is still functioning. Upon the completion of the project, the old school will be demolished and converted to a sports field for the school. The project is the result of a joint effort by CSP Architects and Burka Architects Inc. (Condo Towers by Burka, School by CSP) Client: Tridel Site area: 20316 m2 GFA (gross floor area): 60950 m2 Towers 46450 m2 School 14500 m2 FSI (floor space index) 2.99 Number of storeys: 24-27 Number of units: 530

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Plato weeps.

PHOTOGRAPHER: "I've been here all day but I can't seem to find any flattering angles of this thing."

PUG AWARDS "F it. Let's just use these four."

The top appears quite heavy handed from these angles. Not sending vibes of beauty.

as someone who went to a post- 70s high school, it makes me sad that they are destroying a pre-ww2 school. those schools had a bit of class, and didn't have the whole guantanamo vibe going down, as the new 'school' will almost definitely have.

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