The Rosewood I & II North & South Tower

The Rosewood I & II North & South Tower

Burka Architects Inc.
Landscape Architect
Strybos Barron King Ltd.
General Contractor
About the Project

The Rosewood project is a traditional "towers in the park" concept due to its natural location, open vistas and relative detachment from its neighbourhood. This seperation by green is the fundamental attraction of this site as it promotes the advantages of both urban and suburban living. The project intends to bridge the conflict between the desire to participate in city life while being detached from it at will. The site, amenity and dwelling unit layouts tend to reinforce this lifestyle. Client: Greenpark Site area: 14973 m2 GFA (gross floor area): 37700 m2 FSI (floor space index): 2.51 Number of storeys: 21 & 25 Number of units: 359

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I stayed in this hotel in Moscow in 1976. It was called Hotel Moskva. I still remember how it had no bath plug. Huge horrible place. Desperate people, those old women on each floor screaming at you.
There's also the Ukraina in Moscow. Did they tear it down? Probably built to commemorate (sp?) the Famine, they may have torn it down. And rebuilt it here! How lovely.
So no change there then.

Nicely stated!

Beautiful building. I love it!

These twin disasters would get rejected in Gotham City's Shelbyville.

Ha! "Relative detachment from the neighbourhood" is used to justify the design failure.

. . . . . from anything interesting?, from vision?, from the 21st century?

Read the 'about the project' blurb above. Complete garbage and I need to know who wrote it so that I can throw something at them.

All these buildings north of Eglinton look exactly the same. Is there only one Architect up there?

They actually advertise that it is a Tower In The Park and how it is detached from its neighbourhood. Who wrote that Le Corbusier? Nothing like that is desirable nowadays especially not in that up and coming location.

isn't a blueprint usually required before construction is started?

paint it

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