The Glasshouse Lofts

The Glasshouse Lofts

Karl Fisher Architects
Presidential Group
Landscape Architect
Juhan Marten Landscape Architect
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Was this designed or just improvised?

Seamlessly blends with the building beside it...

did a window factory explode onto the face of this building or what

While the north facade is relatively inoffensive, the side walls are truly horrid: they have been designed with the hope one day that they would be hidden behind new buildings, but it is not possible for that day to come soon enough.
Wait: I recant my position on the north facade. Could we not have a had an impressively high-ceilinged ground level, one that might have matched the lovely old building to the west? No-one was thinking too hard when about the neighbourhood when Glasshouse went up.

I voted like it as a default because compared to the rest of the buildings on this list it's adaquit. but could they not have taken some of those windows on the front and put them on the side of the building?

so they're making mobile condo buildings now? seriously if this thing doesn't fold down and get slid into a flat pack at a jumbo sized ikea i dont know what will

The sidewalls are beyond horrible.

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