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Monarch Corporation
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NAK Design Group
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Monarch Corporation
About the Project

The building is comprised of a 24 storey tower resting on a 5 storey podium. The podium is composed of a framework of brick + glass that houses a mix of retail, recreational + residential components. The materials used are similar to Phases 1+2 in order to provide a continuous visual and aesthetic link between the projects. Along the South face, the podium continues the retail component of Phase 1 yet the mass of the podium is severed to provide a sense of permeability to the podium. This void provides a pedestrian link to the landscaped courtyard located in the internal component of the development. This courtyard also serves as an extension of the recreational component located at on the ground floor. With this opening in the mass of the podium, the developments are physically linked with a 2 storey pedestrian bridge. This transparent element allows for the programmatic functions of the development to take place while providing visual links from the internal courtyard to the surrounding green spaces. The tower component of the development is set back from the podium and rises to 24 stories in height. Glass is used to accentuate the sense of lightness to the tower and a grid work of balconies project from this glass box. In addition, metal panel elements travel up the facade and vertically link the tower to both the podium + mechanical roof. The tower is comprised of a linear and shallow floor plate that houses a unit mix of wide and shallow unit plans. This floor plate allows for a more expansive use of glass in the suites and results in a sculptural tower mass.

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The building comprises. It does not comprise of. It is composed of.
If that's the grammar, imagine the care they took with the building. I'm trying so hard to like this, but this is awful. I'm going to say I like it because I have to like something, Pugs.

"The architect firm comprises hacks."
This is grammatically correct.

I feel overwhelmed by the sense of un-balance exhibited here. Why do I fell like this could all topple over?

This building has the same exact look (finishes, colours, overall style) as Battery Park right next to it, and as the other one right by it too. Why do they bother giving them different names? Same same same. Oh, and someone should tell developers that the green panels make those buildings look dated fast.

Who designed this...Stevie Wonder?

The last thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "vibe" is brown brick and beige stucco. But I guess it has to fit in with the other ugly monstrosities that make up Liberty Village. Hello Metro?


The long and narrow slab looks interesting and unusual, and the historicist brick and cornice section at the bottom seems like a playful, ironic touch. Still, we've seen enough serious Modernism and ironic Postmodernism in general and there's several similar buildings in the area. These buildings in Liberty look heavy and it would be nice to seem some lighter buildings with more emphasis on the Jane Jacobsian ideals for which the local warehouses have proven so adept at accommodating: more mixes of uses, more varied construction of new buildingsm and more businesses of various kinds. It helps keep a neighbourhood vibrant and safe over time.

Another mish mash structure in a mish mash area. Why do architects think that it's thoughful and appreciated to do this?

Vibe indeed. I guess there is a market for this stuff...

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