Archives of Ontario - York Research Tower

Archives of Ontario - York Research Tower

B+H Architects
York University Development Corporation
Landscape Architect
Quinn Design Associates Inc.
General Contractor
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
About the Project

Located on York University’s Keele Campus and envisioned as a hub of people and information, this project has two components: a 3-storey, 127,220 square foot podium containing the new Archives of Ontario and the 6-storey, 121,750 square foot York Research Tower. The project has received LEED-NC Silver certification.

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If the waterfront going to be filled with bunkers like this we are dooms. glass blocks are so sixties, from front street i call it the borg cube, ala star trek.
i hope the future projects will give greater consideration to the site plan, some short of relationship with water or waterfront.
This bldg could be dropped onto bay street and disappear.

I guess we're not doomed then since this building is not located on the waterfront. HOORAY!

Why bother?

great project with green concept, still morden and neat

Well suited to the lot and local environment. York students will love it.

I like the scale of the project - In keeping with the building on the Keele St. campus.

Super! All would be well written:)

It's well proportioned and has quality glass curtainwall. From a distance, it's an interesting and inviting building, which is important for a building housing a public archival institution. I like the way it avoids a cliche tower and podium combination with the tower seemingly floating over a lowrise building, which also makes clear the differences in purpose and function for the two parts of the building. The mechanical floor is apparent but nicely integrated into the architecture, rather than being an afterthought tacked onto the building.

It's a quality building but I can't say I absolutely love it because for a building housing something so valuable to the identity of Ontario--its historical documents that form the basis of the historical record--the design doesn't evoke anything about Ontario and could be located anywhere, from downtown Toronto to Berlin. The ground level is too monotonous, sterile and functional; there's too much dead space around the building. That's too bad because a more animated ground level could have generated a lot more attention and interest in the institution. From afar, the exterior signage barely makes clear what the purpose of the building is unless you look close and make it out.

It's anti-climactic to believe that the archives of Canada's largest province with its capital and national metropolis could be housed here; there's not the slightest bit of monumentality or symbolism on the exterior. For a less important purpose, this building would be great and very likable, yet in its campus setting and for its purpose as an archive building, it comes up short in failing to evoke Ontario's identity and failing to present an engaging base at sidewalk level. It looks good as a random building from afar, but that's not nearly good enough for this institution and setting.

Good! All would be well written:)

Noticed a lot of glass in the new buildings. Should all have those anti-reflection filters to protect birds that collapse into the building. The top offices are nice and spacious and inviting. Pugs could add interior as well.
the south side of the building has a nice little plaza, unfo9rtunately the east side if cold. In need of some trees to break the coldness and the wind.

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