Delmanor Wynford Retirement Community (Delmanor Accolade)

Delmanor Wynford Retirement Community (Delmanor Accolade)

Burka Architects Inc.
Landscape Architect
NAK Design
General Contractor
About the Project

The Delmanor Accolade Residence is a 120 unit independent and nominal care unit retirement residence fashioned after elegant condominium style living, specifically catering to needs of a mature generation. As such, emphasis is placed on convenience and comfort for dining, recreation, health and socializing opportunities within the building, reminiscent of a village ambiance and lifestyle. The conservative yet highly detailed building character has been designed to portray an intricate yet solid unified presence to display a sense of timelessness and permanence. Client: Tridel Site area: 3814 m2 GFA (gross floor area): 10825 m2 FSI (floor space index): 2.84 Number of storeys: 6 Number of units: 120

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Hey - who wants to live in a two toned flesh coloured monstrosity with the ugliest shaped windows of all time and laughably out of proportion mouldings? Anyone? Anyone?

Beyond hideous.

so, they went all car dependent on this one. its harder to walk to/from/around it than if it were a normal building. that makes no sense, as its actually a place where old people live, who actually have a harder time walking around off the bat! imagine the winter, trying to leave to get some food or get the bus or whatever. so annoying.

oh well, at least the architect/ manager/ etc can drive up to the front door in his jetta/land rover/ giant jellybean.
i hates it

No, seriously, is this a joke? Oh, drear.

It has warm and attractive brickwork, nicely complimenting materials, and a substantial presence that doesn't overpower the street. The central portion, however, is cheesy with the V cornices, and the way it meets the street betrays its historicist leanings. From certain angles, it's attractive enough, but it's easy to find awkward angles too. It's not commendable.

Apparently retired people want tacky pretentious places with tacky pretentious names to feel they have some self respect. Well, they may not be alone, builders will put up the easiest cheapest crap they can turn for any demographic willing to pay.
Factory schlock for warehousing people. It's too bad that when people have earned a little extra dignity in their lives this is how they are exploited.

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