All Saints Mausoleum Phase I - Glendale Memorial Gardens

All Saints Mausoleum Phase I - Glendale Memorial Gardens

Glendale/Glenview Memorial Garden Ltd.
Glendale Memorial Gardens with Project Managed by Cosmopolitan Associates Inc.
About the Project

All Saints Mausoleum is Glendale Memorial Gardens newest Mausoleum. It is the first of a three-phase complex, which has been constructed for the interment and memorialization of human remains. This modern four-storey structure is elegant, bright and spacious, providing a variety of interment styles and family rooms. This phase has a 2,189 sq.m. (23,558 sq.ft.) building footprint; is equipped with elevators, washrooms and scenic artistic features in the main court of each floor. The exterior is majestic with its mixed masonry and surrounding armour stone walls and landscaping, giving its presence a unique eye catching vista within the cemetery yet complementing the surrounding gardens and previous generation sister buildings.

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A new category, "Really Hate It", would have been so valuable for rating this year's offerings. That is some truly banal so-called architecture. Toronto has surpassed itself.

Lucky for me, the only really nice building, the Bloor Gladstone Library, is in my neighbourhood.

I agree with Trawna although I'd like a rating of "Meh". So many boring but functional condo developments that I don't 'hate' but I sure don't 'like' either

Just depressing.

At least the clientele doesn't have to look at this.

Hey look - a building about death that looks like death.

Hideous lines, clashing textures, clashing styles - it looks like it was designed to prevent the corpses inside from escaping.

This would be like spending eternity in communist East Berlin! It looks more like a bunker....

This is why I moved to Europe.

I wish that tree was about 10 times larger and populated the entire perimeter of the site.

...but they too a wrong turn somewhere!

It's the stereotypical mausoleum: overpowering in its cold, imposing, and severely solemn aesthetic. For a purpose so filled with meaning as interring the dead, it's an uninspiring structure lacking in creative flourishes and architectural details to dignify those whose final resting space is located here. It's too monolithic and not reflective of the diverse deceased people entombed within. It seems to present a desire for historicism with its symmetry and stone cladding, but doesn't follow through with the details to evoke any style, also contributing to that cold and anonymous look.

The tall yet anonymous windows and lack of contrasts in the facades make for a building which emphasizes death rather than the warmth associated with memories of individuals who were meaningful to people in life. A better example of a recent mausoleum is located at Prospect Cemetery on St. Clair Avenue West, a structure that avoids the severity of this building yet still has the restrained dignity one expects from a mausoleum, with a lighter and more open facade of varied materials inviting people to visit and remember their deceased loved ones rather merely reminding them that they're dead. In the end, it's the richness of memory that makes entombment and burial meaningful, and that's what the architecture should emphasize and accommodate.

In need of urgent landscaping.

What are Mausaleums supposed to look like? They all look like this to me.

I think I can buy a kit just like that at the local hardware store. Looks like an oversized concrete garden shed.

It is what it is, and that's all that it is.

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