All Saints Mausoleum Phase I - Glendale Memorial Gardens

All Saints Mausoleum Phase I - Glendale Memorial Gardens

Glendale/Glenview Memorial Garden Ltd.
Glendale Memorial Gardens with Project Managed by Cosmopolitan Associates Inc.
About the Project

All Saints Mausoleum is Glendale Memorial Gardens newest Mausoleum. It is the first of a three-phase complex, which has been constructed for the interment and memorialization of human remains. This modern four-storey structure is elegant, bright and spacious, providing a variety of interment styles and family rooms. This phase has a 2,189 sq.m. (23,558 sq.ft.) building footprint; is equipped with elevators, washrooms and scenic artistic features in the main court of each floor. The exterior is majestic with its mixed masonry and surrounding armour stone walls and landscaping, giving its presence a unique eye catching vista within the cemetery yet complementing the surrounding gardens and previous generation sister buildings.

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