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Regency Yorkville
DEVELOPER Plazacorp. / High-Rise Group Inc.
LANDSCAPE Janet Rosenberg
Regency Yorkville is a mixed use, block-long building on the west side of Bay Street from Yorkville Avenue to Scollard Street, terracing from 18 storeys to 15 storeys then 8 and 6 storeys as a transmission to the historic traditional house form along Scollard Street. The project has retail along Bay Street with its residential lobby at the corner of Yorkville Avenue. A parking and loading drive-through connects the two cross-streets. The Bay Street design concept was to replicate a traditional Manhattan block consisting of 3 facades, each in its own shade of limestone-toned precast concrete and granite base: a) the symmetrical 18 storey traditional skyscraper, b) the attached narrow "hold-out" 15 storey piece in the middle and c) the 6 storey mid-rise with 2 storey attic penthouse above. Rich colour and detail appears in feature areas such as window panels and bay windows. Traditional awnings / canopies will provide pedestrian protection to ground floor windows along Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue. The project has received a B+ from Christopher Hume in the Toronto Star review article.