Pug Awards

Do you care what Toronto looks like? Do you like the way it is being developed - from the new condominiums and institutional buildings to the parks, streets and public places? If you could change anything, what would you change? And don’t say 'nothing' because there is an outlet for your accolades and a pulpit for your disdain. It's called the Pug Awards - The People's Choice Awards for Architecture and it's about recognizing the best new architectural elements in Toronto. It's open to the public, and it's your chance to voice your opinion about your city.


The Pug Awards, formerly the Puglies, were established to raise public awareness of architecture and to elevate design standards for development projects in Toronto. By voting for recently completed residential, commercial and institutional developments, you can express your voice on the state of Toronto's current architecture. In the process, you will join a growing movement that not only inspires civic beauty but also shuns mediocre design.


While the Pug Awards were created to make the development community and municipality think twice before attempting to erect a permanent blemish on our landscape, the Pug's primary objective is to focus attention on new development in an effort to create a culture that celebrates architecture. The Pug Awards give Torontonian's a voice to express their opinion on how our city grows. Love it, Like it or Hate it ... you decide.