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Courtyard Residences

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Rafael + Bigauskas Architects.

Ferris & Associates



The Courtyard Residences is part of a new initiative to introduce high density development in Oakville. The development consist of 2 – 12 storey building with a 1 storey lobby & amenity link. Three storey townhomes border the south edge of the site, and the eastern edge is com- posed out of 3 storey live work units to provide a massing transition to the adjacent low rise development. The project uses rich architectural detailing inherently found in precast con- crete and brick.


So much awful.
Awful cheap concrete mouldings
Awful choice of brick colour
Awful lines
Awful balconies
Awful bulb things everywhere
Awful (lazy) roof design
Awful entrance
God this is awful

I hate that this is in Oakville. It is mind-numbingly mundane and uninspired. Unfortunately, it's typical of the buildings that pass for architecture in Oakville at the moment. They are very, very fond of that shade of brick. And of course stucco. Don't forget the ever present stucco!

what a great view everyone has of the parking lot.

Ugh. Mind-numbingly suburban. And what's with all the balls? Hate it.

You mean it's not a Courtyard Marriot?

Like jswag said, "this building could be anywhere". But it's exceptional in this case because it's in Oakville, the epitome of low-density living. Uh wait, hang on. Is this in Oakville, like the description says, or in Markham, like the map says?

In any case, the Oakville project looks like this -- might actually be this -- and is right by the GO Station. They tower over a deep valley and are great gatekeepers in that location. The colour of the brick is a nice contrast with the sandy stone, especially from a distance. Most people will never see this up close, and there will never be any pedestrians in the area due to geography and the status quo. So considered in context, this is a very fine project. It would be nice to see more intensification in the burbs, whether the designs are ugly or not. (Preferably not, please).

No, that's a different project--they are off Old Mill Rd., and they were built almost 10 years ago. This one is off Trafalgar Rd., near Dundas. Located on Central Park Drive.

Courtyard Housing? More like " The Courtyard Marriot " in suburban ghetto Newark New Jersey.

Nice to see someone in the 'burbs who's not just building single-family house farms.

Sorry, but this building could be anywhere.

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