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eq1 at Equinox

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Monarch Corporation

Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.

Alexander Budrevics Associates Ltd.

Monarch Corporation


EQ1 at Equinox joins the successful first two phases, Equinox I and II, in the heart of Scarbor- ough Town Centre. Fronting onto Albert Campbell Square, EQ1 makes a unique architectural statement on Scarborough’s skyline. The Tower rises to 35 storeys and rests on an 8 storey podium. The proposal uses the horizontal nature of the podium to anchor the verticality of the tower and this relationship is further emphasized through the use of horizontal precast elements together with vertical expanses of glazing. The podium p a mix of residential and amenity spaces while also integrating a 2 storey pedestrian arcade which serves grade-relat- ed retail. The podium provides a backdrop to the public park expansion across the site and frames the pedestrian realm of the square. The arcade also serves as a covered pedestrian thoroughfare which connects Town Centre Court and the Scarborough Civic Centre while providing the catalyst for programmatic integration onto the public square.


can anyone do a podium that doesn't look abandoned?

I don't mind the scale and this one looks ok from a long distance away, but the suburban ground interface is just awful. What's with the pillars and dead space all around this building? Design by fire department.

EQ1 a 1 act play

Act 1

TOWER: Look at me! I'm the most boring of all!

LOBBY: No! I am the most boring by far!

BALCONIES: Good bye, all! I'm going back to the 90's!

TEAL GREEN ACCENTS: Wait, Balconies - I'm coming with you!


would've been nice to incorporate some greenery around the bottom...

It's an attractive building; the thin white section is a decent focal point and the subtle setbacks at the top give it some character.

It's elegant and well-composed. The condo is far from groundbreaking but great infill for Scarborough's burgeoning city centre. "Heart" and "soul" are too abstract ideas for an art as concrete as architecture.

wow. you're all petty and cynical - how surprising.

No heart, no soul. Adds nothing to a desperate neighbourhood.

I can't think of any good analogy for this building except at least its in Scarborough and close to a highway. Kinda like that distant relative that you can't stand who you only have to see once a year at Christmas. Phew thank goodness !

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