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Madison Avenue Lofts

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Paul Northgrave





its actually the continuation of madison avenue ( the street with all the sororities on it, and the maddy pub) north of the train tracks. but anyways, whose idea was it to put in a whole corner of window, and have the only part that opens be the size of a tiny basement window? that is not only unhealthy for the people living there, and for the power generators that need to air condition the units when it goes above 15C outside, but also, its really ugly (can you imagine when those tiny screens get full of dust?) can someone start making nice windows please? god.

Ya know, there really should be a category between 'like it' and 'hate it'. Something like 'typical Toronto' would work.

Trim too thick, makes the building feel heavy
These are residences? Building feels like an IBM office in Cleveland.
The nice windows don't save it since they don't work with the awful yellow brick.
Too many styles smashed together.

Madison Avenue?! Who comes up with these names? I like the building though.

They should have left the original building intact, (it was Toronto Hydro) instead of stripping the skin and doing the po-mo thing. It had a certain 1950's red brick charm and the podium section that they removed would have made decent townhousing. Hint: Learn when to leave well enough alone!

It's awful, but once again, it could be worse.
I really aim high, don't I.

Well you couldn't get any further away from Madison Avenue with this architecture than the Madison Ave. Lofts. Looks more like a used car dealership in suburban New Jersey.

What is it?!

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