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Malibu at Harbourfront

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Malibu Developments

Page+Steele / IBI Group Architects

Ferris and Associates



Located at the northwest corner of Bathurst and Fleet Streets, the design of the tower recognizes the importance of the corner location by using intersecting curved glass surfaces, while the podium reflects the architecture of the existing buildings in the area, in particular the historically designated warehouse building to the east. The Malibu is an integral part of the new Fort York neighbourhood, created as a result of a sustained effort by the City Planning Department, working together with the developers, and giving new life to this historical part of the City.


(insert generic comment about generic building here)

aren't there any trees in malibu?

A not-so-Jolly Green Giant. Dated before it was even completed. Forgettable and regrettable.

Any first guesses as to what is going to go into the bottom of this building as a retail space? Drycleaners? Rabba? Pizza Hut? Ugly building... about as memorable as that time when you were 7 and your sister made you laugh so hard you..... well I won't say it. Lets just leave it.. this building is forgettable.

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