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Minto Skyy

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Page + Steele / IBI Group Architects

Ferris & Asscociates



The Minto Skyy on Broadview residential development is sited at the top of the Don Valley escarpment, where Pottery Road meets Broadview. This stunning site provides panoramic views over the valley to the city core and skyline from within, and an imposing glass and met- al termination to the vista when meandering up Pottery Road. The flowing and spiraling glass façade facing the valley is contrasted with the rectilinear urban vocabulary oriented to the city on Broadview. At street level the tower is set back and grade related urban townhomes provide animation and scale to the pedestrian realm.


Hey look! Malibu at Harbourfront (the previous nominee) had an ugly baby and here it is: the Minto Skyy.

Bonus stupid points for the spelling of Skyy.

Oh well, maybe Skyy Vodka's lawyers can file a llawwssuitt.

Wow...looks like Minto has some jealous on lookers! Yes Kair, we own the Skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;)

The above-grade parking looks horrible from Pottery Road. Very unfortunate.

Another cookie cutter building

More of this green glass. I hate green glass.

Is is just me or am I having deja vu? This place looks like Bay Adelaide... no... the London Condos south of Front.... no... like any condo on the waterfront... no.... arg. Oh I dunno. There is one huge benefit of this place ... at least there is a Dairy Queen downstairs !!!!

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