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Montage, Block 24 E, Railway Lands West

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Concord Adex Developments Corporation

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Corban & Goode

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.


Block 24 combines residential building forms of different heights with street-related retail bases to activate the southern portion of Spadina Avenue. It anchors the CityPlace development as it transitions from east to west and forms a gateway on Spadina to create a more inviting pedestrian experience. The design is composed of three distinct elements: NEO, a north-south loft building, a light amenity Pavilion with retail and recreational amenities on Bremner Blvd, and Montage, a 48-storey point tower on the north-west corner of the parcel. The Montage tower is set back to have the least impact on the street. Its facades with more frontages are oriented to maximize optimal views to Lake Ontario and city. The design was conceived in the spirit of iconic towers that distinguish major international cities, emphasizing simplicity and proportion to create a bold statement for CityPlace on Toronto’s skyline.


This gets a "like it' only because it's the tallest midget so far.

Maybe the stacked red brick on the balconies may have sounded cool on paper but it doesn't work and looks f'd up.
And The red really doesn't work for me.

The giant overhanging roof is cool but the pole on the southeast corner ruins the effect, and therefore, it.

The tall tower behind is barely not boring.

Fit and finish is a bit of an issue in person but overall I think it looks great.

What I strongly dislike about this tower is the huge blank wall at the top which faces north, which just seems cheap and unfinished. That would be a great place for some art, but it's probably too late. The CityPlace towers in general neglect their north facing facades. It's not like we don't see them from the north given the low to midrise character of Spadina.

I agree - it should have a giant mural on it.

Glass boxes, Glass boxes, Glass boxes, is this redundant yet?

Looks like some rusty ***** thing you'd build in the garage when you were a kid. Cheap and awful. Even your parents wouldn't like this.

This building reminds me of a nightmare I had once. It kinda went like this... I was living in a city where all the condo's looked exactly the same ! I was being chased by architects through out the city who hated me because I was making all these terrible analogies online about their precious buildings. Then I woke up and.......

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