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NEO, Block 24 E, Railway Lands West

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Concord Adex Developments Corporation

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Corban & Goode

PCL Constructors Canada Inc.


Block 24 combines residential building forms of different heights with street-related retail bases to activate the southern portion of Spadina Avenue. A continuous abstract fin expression defines the profiles of both horizontal surface and vertical planes and unifies the ensemble. The overall expression of the buildings is light and contemporary, using glass and metal on the upper storeys to mitigate the impact of their mass on the street, while stone, wood and other tactile materials establish an inviting, pedestrian-scale experience at street level. The architectural concept speaks to an increasingly sophisticated and discerning first-time group of home buyers who want to live in the city but need affordable homes. The units in the NEO building sold out quickly, largely due to their modernist yet cost-effective designs which feature sliding glass doors, natural materials and flexible, highly functional plans. A major grocery store provides a much-needed source of fresh produce and attracts residents from the surrounding neighbourhoods and towers.


montageneo oenegatnom
No matter how you look at it I don't get it. Is this one building or a series. If a series, while I like the folded roof, lets not see any more of them.

This is confusing - which buildings go with which name? The photos of the previous nominee are the same as - ahhh screw it.

I like it on its own but love it as part of the assembly with Montage.

Driving by on Spadina, I love this. It would be monstrous and impenetrable from the sidewalk, but considered at high speed and in passing it is a gem. Oh hang on! It's not the 1950s in New York and Spadina is not the Robert Moses Parkway! (Thanks Jane J, we really owe you for that one). So while I love this from my car, it only gets a "like" for being an urban fail.

ha! so true.

I knew it would be Kuwabara. I just knew.

God forbid Toronto should ever have a real war/revolution. If it did and everyone left town I pick this building as my military headquarters. That way it would most likely be targeted by my enemies to be knocked down.

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