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One Cole Condominiums

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The Daniels Corporation

Diamond and Schmitt Architects in Association with Graziani + Corazza Architects

NAK Design Group



One Cole is the first condominium to be completed in support of the 15 year Regent Park Re- vitalization Plan, showcasing the City of Toronto’s commitment to environmental sustainabil- ity. It offers 293 residential suites in two distinct buildings, the 9-storey West Building and the 19-storey East Building, as well as three-bedroom townhomes. The residential complex has been designed to achieve LEED Gold certification. One of the project’s most striking features is the 21,500 square foot outdoor amenity space located on the third floor. The complex is defined by the re-establishment of the traditional street grid and street-related building forms which have historically characterized successful Toronto neighbourhoods. Though thoroughly contemporary in design, these new buildings incorporate the traditional best practices of the city’s medium-density residential areas, with an emphasis on individual street entrances for units and the inclusion of porches and balconies, ensuring ‘eyes on the street.’


rooftop garden+at grade retail+balconies+built to the sidewalk = a pass in my books. but this building is actually also very well built and pleasant to be in!

If you built a boring building like this in the Netherlands you'd probably get beaten up by some angry Dutch folks.

Clewes completely outshines Diamond + Schmitt at Regent Park (and everywhere else) but I love what this building is doing for the area and for the city.

Great improvement in Slum Ward 28. Much better than the horrible mass of housing that still remains. Hopefully this area can introduce less affordable housing though because percentage wise in Toronto most of it is here already.

I have been in this building ( and shocker here ) I like this building. Its providing affordable housing for people who couldn't otherwise afford to buy a place. It has a grocery store ( will do ) downstairs. Its clean.. non offensive and otherwise shaking up a neighborhood that Whitney Houston used to hang out in. What could be better?

love it more for what it's doing to reshape that neighbourhood than it's looks

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