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The Russell Hill Seniors Residence

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The Great Gulf Homes

Diamond and Schmitt

Janet Rosenberg

First Gulf Development Corp.



god forbid there's a porch, or balconies, or anywhere for the old folks to go out in public. what we just lock 'em indoors like a bad monkey now? when im old all i want is a porch, balcony and someone to give me soup. thats it. oh and endless SOBE drink and digestible crackers. those are good!

When I get old, I hope my family doesn't send me here.

Also: there isn't really a place for the old guys to yell at the traffic to slow down.

Nice materials and execution but the architecture's a little too 80s-bland. Also, could have engaged St. Clair more. Okay overall but not worthy of the elegant mansion it replaces.

It looks homey rather than institutional. It's a pit most of the residential architecture on this ballot is so institutional. And by institution I mean the Crazy House.

I like this -- lots of light in those little bay areas, and it has a tidy, compact feel. Nice aesthetic use of materials on the exterior. Whether it is livable and enjoyable inside is another question, but it looks good.

Modern... looks like a coffin though.. how unappropriate for a seniors home.

with a main street site, couldn't they have been more ingenious??

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