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Toy Factory Lofts

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The Toy Factory of Hanna Developments Inc.

Quadrangle Architects Limited

NAK Design Group



With a creative blend of renovation, reconstruction and expansion, the Toy Factory is a unique approach to the rehabilitation of the former Irwin Toy manufacturing facility in the Liberty Village district west of Toronto’s downtown core. The development, which combines live/work units with a commercial office component, retains a well-known landmark structure in an area of the city undergoing dramatic revitalization. The project was named the 2005 Condominium Project of the Year by the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association and was honoured in 2009 with a Toronto Urban Design Award for Mid-Rise Private Building in Con- text.


Based on that fence I guess I'll make a mental note to avoid NAK Design Group as a landscape architect in the future.

love the building. hate the ample parking, it really detracts from the urbane feel of this building.

Horrible, horrible, horrible Home Depot fence.
Who the hell designed that?
Whoever you are, you have zero imagination.
Why didn't you do a more private version of the fencing from the entranceway?

The windows are kind of nice.

Overall, nothing amazing, but a thousand times better than most of the nominees.

The new is no match for the old here.

What's with the cheap DIY fences? Where else did they cut corners?

Yawn. Boring. That's the Quadrangle way. All those small windows indicate that this project was done on the cheap: the price of glass increases exponentially with size (I say exponentially literally, not as an idiom), so you can save a ton of money by breaking a large window up into many small panes. But it sure looks sloppy.

Nice renovation. Feels great.. looks great. Nice addition to the family... well except the stepsisters and cousins in the eastern part of Liberty Village... yuck

Such a great addition to that neighbourhood.
Love what they did with this.

like the look - occupants better invest in good curtains!

Love it.

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