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Chateau Royal

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Panterra Federated Inc.

Page+Steele / IBI Group Architects




The eight storey residential condominium includes retail at grade and a Toronto Parking Au- thority garage, as well as residential parking below grade. This is a good example of the City’s “Avenue” development for intensification of the major arteries. The architecture builds on the genius loci and styles of local residential homes to develop its marketing character.


The blurb talks about the building's "marketing character". This, unfortunately, is the only type of character this building has, marketing specifically to those who fantasize about going on Disney Carnival cruises.

Before attempting to copy chateau it would be helpful to put aside the AutoCad, learn to draw by hand then read Palladio's The Four Books of Architecture.

A nicely articulated building ruined by exterior materials that look like precast or cheap stucco. Given how expensive this building is, I was surprised to see this when it was finished. I believe the cheap materials are not cheap at all, just look that way.

Tacky half-assed-Parisian architectural hackery nightmare done on the cheap.

I'm all for intensification but this building is Disney ridiculous. Hate it.

Save it for Disney.

A crime. Whoever wrote the accompanying blurb should be tortured.

Chateau Royal....more like Le Chateau.... a place to get cheap clothing... er housing.

Faux-psuedo-mock horrid horribleness. If you want to cut every corner, then don't bother trying to build a "château".

I get the point but it's still too intense on the block.

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