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ReZen is the final element completing the block revitalization that began in the mid 1990s with the restoration of the historic buildings along King Street West between Frederick Street and Sherbourne Street. The ReZen is a 13 storey mixed-use building with a contemporary design feel that fits comfortably into the historic St Lawrence Market district. It shares with the entire block a service courtyard and access to an underground parking facility. A small outdoor space along Adelaide Street was co-developed with the adjacent development to provide much needed outdoor amenity space for the neighbourhood.


A building you can live with by not noticing. The right proportions for the area and borrows from the historic warehouses around it.

What about those of us who live in it? Often forgotten in this discussions. Living it. A great location with affordable spaces. Don't forget the occupant experience is also important in architecture.

also a sleeper hit of the year for me. we live in the area and compared to some of the other buildings, this one is intelligent and well-proportioned, good use of materials. some real aesthetic sense going on here for us (though yes, ground floor could have been higher). i strongly disagree w/ xxxethan that this was just a money building; perhaps by the developer, yes--that is, after all, what developers do--but the architect's design sensibilities are evident, and admirable. thalia zoe.

the front is bad, there should have been a lot more brick. its just ugly. also, those balconies, or whatever you wanna call that, are simply not good enough.

a contemporary design that enhances the neighbourhood!

The brick colour matches the neighbourhood so thanks for being historically something or other, I guess.

Everything else about this building is boring and generic.

Sleeper hit of the year for me. Contextual without being nostalgic. Excellent materials and execution. Sits on site effortlessly. My only criticism is with the massing, which could have been a little more imaginative. Overall, an excellent addition to the neighbourhood.

Cash for money ... money for cash... lets make a building for the money yo.... just for the money yo... no time to design.. no time for thought. Lets do it tonight well we drink and do the crunk.

yes its Kanye Wests new song about Toronto Architecture !

could have been much improved and had a better relationship to the street, if the ground floor retail had higher ceilings

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