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60 Richmond East Housing Co-Operative

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CLIENT: Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Teeple Architects Inc.


Bird Construction Company


This iconic, 11-story, 85-unit building is Toronto’s first housing co-operative in 20 years. In- terlocking and contrasting volumes create a dynamic sculptural and spatial composition that animates the streetscape. The building wraps around its corner site while it is simultaneously perforated by a courtyard that looks outward connecting amenity space with the public realm. The atrium draws daylight into apartments and hallways while providing sunlight and rainwater for a large, sixth floor garden. The design incorporates a small-scale eco-system where produce from the garden supplies the resident-owned and operated restaurant and kitchen on the ground floor. The garden is irrigated by storm water runoff; organic waste from the kitchen provides compost for the garden. Terraces throughout maximize urban green space and offer recreation opportunities. Many innovative technologies originating from the need to contain building and maintenance costs demonstrate Teeple Architect’s dedication to integrating sustainable design into the conception of its projects.


What? OMG! Something interesting!? Thanks TCHC and Teeple!

it's a nice effort but i think they could have done a better job

Nice work!

Finally, one good residential building, something that deserves a"Love It" vote. This is miles ahead of all the other residential buildings. Fantastic. Well done, TCHC. More, please!

Finally someone is trying.

I wish it was colourful instead of grey.

Possibly the best new building in Toronto. In a league of its own. Love it!

Finally a building that is not just functional but exciting! Most of the other buildings look typical of Toronto's blandness.

Wow nice building. My question is why is this a co-op ? Kudos to the Architect.

this building almost belongs in a separate category. very interesting lines.

double plus love love love!

Why aren't there more like this?

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