CASA Condominium

CASA Condominium

Cresford Developments
Landscape Architect
Diana Gerrard (Ground Floor); MBTW (5th Floor Amenity)
General Contractor
D.J. Campbell
About the Project

Located on a narrow 1,926 m2 site on Charles Street East, CASA’s slender 42-storey point-block tower sits above a four-storey podium that houses a parking garage. Screening the garage is a dramatically compressed lobby with amenity space at grade, and on a mezzanine level accessed via a custom-designed glass and steel staircase. The fully glazed space is accented by a three-storey high hyacinth feature wall and oak veneer wall sculpture, creating animation and intensity at street level. Residential floors are laid out in arrangements of between eight and ten units per floor, single loaded around a central elevator core. Units have been planned using a system of sliding partitions that permits great flexibility for changes in spatial configuration and uses. A continuous perimeter balcony provides both a generous amount of exterior amenity, and passive sun shading for the interiors of the extensively glazed building. The roof of the podium and first floor of the tower make up a 1,865 m2 indoor-outdoor amenity space with a lap pool, barbecue pit, event space and billiards room with fireplace.

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Awesome structure and architecture!!

"Okay let's make the bottom half somewhat interesting but I really don't want to try at all on the top half."
"Sure. I respect that."
"So can you picture a completely stretched out accordion?"
"That's the top half. And put a hat on it."
"You got it."

You bring the same "let's bring it down no matter what" attitude to every project on this list. How cliche. Do you have anything constructive to say?

Amazing interpretation of the regular box - nice lines, textures, and love the hat on top. The base of the structure is also rather nice, but the real show-stealer is the sleekness and elegance of the tower. Definitely a nice addition to the Yonge-Bloor skyline/cityscape (especially when it lights up at night. Gorgeous.)

But at the end of the day, it's still a box... if only there were less ugly ones in the city, ones like CASA would stand out more.

It achieves an excellent sense of purity through its minimalism and is nicely resolved with its "hat" at the top. I wish the level at the very top didn't have the big utilitarian grill though, which slightly detracts from the sleek minimalism. The podium is the best part with its three stories of glazing, oak walls, and steel staircase. Overall, it's an great new building in the city and on the skyline. One caveat to note, though: if residents keep a lot of things on their balconies with transparent railings, it will definitely detract from the sleekness.

and chose like only because I walk by there almost everyday and I will say that the base fits well with the community and isn't as imposing as the photos make it out to be. The fact that there isn't any retail at it's base is unforgiveable for a downtown condo; however, at night the roof looks fantastic with the light.

Did they have to give the building (is that a church?) next door the cold shoulder? Nasty neighbours or what?

Give Cresford marks for this one.

it is good and it holds the skyline well.

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