Merci Le Condominium

Merci Le Condominium

Kirkor Architects & Planners
The Daniels Corporation
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It's balanced, bright, happy, could survive a Toronto January, doesn't look cheap, is humane.
This is unheard-of. This is gorgeous by Toronto standards.


Seriously? Can you imagine coming home to this after a 10 hour day and thinking, "I'm happy to be in my humane home where the retail frontage dominates"?

It's a kitschy pastiche of styles, but it is balanced. As for "humane", it's hard to know what to do with a vague characteristic like that one. The massing is good. I really dislike pastiche buildings clad in precast concrete that lack even the balance that their conservative approach promises, let alone the artful details expected with a revival style. To me, precast screams of cheapness in these kinds of buildings where stone is the traditional cladding material. This condominium is balanced but it can never be more than an imitation, a building on the sidelines of architecture staking no claim to the forefront.

Pretentious and heinous.

Non Merci.

le grande merde, je pense.

There are no words for this trash.

CLIENT: Make it look like a rusty box.
KIRKOR: Oh, that we can do.


Where you live if you hate yourself, in salmon beige

if i could vote for least favourite or the one i hate the most, it's this one. i'm not saying violence should be done to whomever designed that. because that would be illegal. otherwise...


bad pedestrian realm. heinous. almost as bad as that old folk's home on Eg from before. same random architectural fixins on top too.

The lower part is better than the higher side. Still missing a green area.

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