130 Bloor Street West / 155 Cumberland Street

130 Bloor Street West / 155 Cumberland Street

Quadrangle Architects Limited
KingSett Capital Inc.
Landscape Architect
Holbrook + Associates
General Contractor
PCL Constructors Canada
About the Project

130 Bloor Street West / 155 Cumberland Street is an integrated mixed-use project, combining, on one site, below-grade parking, high street grade retail, featuring Gucci, Hermes, LuluLemon, 10 floors of premium office space topped off by 10 floors comprising 15 premium condominium residences. The office building is accessed from Bloor through a newly renovated lobby. The 135,000 square feet of office space was fully reconditioned and is fully leased. 155 Cumberland is the most elite residential address in the heart of Toronto. The crown jewel in the development is the existing penthouse apartment spread across the 13th and 14th floors. Unique to Toronto, it was designed in the 1960s in a classic style and is widely regarded as one of the finest of its kind in Canada. All the rooms open onto a two-storey central atrium and feature high ceilings, travertine on floors and walls, and wood paneling from oak logs brought from England and milled specifically for the apartment. In total, the penthouse is 11,000 square feet plus 4,500 square feet of terrace. After converting the 11th and 12th floors of the office building to residences, the program stacked on top of the penthouse is an asymmetrical tower of seven new storeys, faced in Indiana limestone, containing full-floor luxury suites. The two floors below the penthouse, which were previously used for office space, were cut back to hold four new half-floor residential suites. Project Management PHA Project Management Inc. Residential Interior Design J.F. Brennan Design/Build Inc., Taylor Hannah Architect Inc. Landscape Architect Holbrook + Associates General Contractor PCL Constructors Canada Residential Interior Construction JF Brennan Design/Build Inc.

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This looks like something a stoned 15 year old would design. I hope the architects are satisfied - they have destroyed one of the few decent vistas that we have in this city. Disgraceful - something that any city with decent oversight would never have allowed to be built in the heart of the city.

I firmly disagree. It looks chaotic, but it is a careful arrangement of living spaces for that distinctive look, which does have an internal organization. It's a very unusual building in the cityscape, and we should be happy for it because it turned out well. The setback was important so that the addition wouldn't overwhelm the original office building, and for the building to align with its neighbours for a consistent streetwall. It's the kind of building that can satisfy in its look of creativity unrestrained. The mix of offices and luxury residences demonstrates a less conservative upper class with a taste for the finest urban living, which is positive for the urban city.

ugh, seriously? would you rather it not be built and the 'decent vista' be left unchanged? what vista are you even talking about? it's 15 storeys in the air! go back your wide expansive vistas wherever they are.

Hey Bob you design the top half but make sure it's a half-baked use of random sized jut outs. Try to make people get such a crappy feeling from looking at it that they swear off Jenga©®™ for the rest of their lives.

And Ed you design the bottom half and make sure it lacks all imagination, creativity and life. Make sure it looks like a building from 1973 and that the street level will put people to sleep.


the bottom half was left unchanged. the only addition was the top half.

I think I saw this on a hilltop in Rio...

Lol. It does make do with the space it has and when the sun hits it in the afternoon it's very striking. It isn't beautiful, but I'm not offended, either. Lol.

Whether we like it or not, we'll probably be seeing more of this kind of re-use of older buildings.

thoughtful redevelopment that works beautifully to add density and drama to the street scape

Hands down most ambitious private sector development of the past 10 years.

I have been inside and the quality of workmanship is supurb --- no other builder in Toronto is building to this standard.

In my opinion, very well executed and I think a leading contender for the Pug. And no, I am not jon Love.

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