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DEVELOPER BrandyLane Corporation
GEN. CONTRACTOR BrandyLane Corporation
loggia consists of two ten storey mid-rise buildings joined by a common elevated amenity centre. The development establishes a mixed-use urban presence on The Queensway where previously there was none. A pause in the fabric at an established signalized intersection facilitates views and vehicular and pedestrian passage through the site. A broad open landscape space of thematic garden rooms adjacent to the public lane separates the site from the adjacent residential neighbourhood. To the south, grade related retail supports a pedestrian street presence. To the north, grade related units and private patios face the garden rooms. loggia is the first mixed-use development to be realized since the municipally led Avenues Study for The Queensway and, by its strong urban street presence, terraced massing and sensitive setbacks to the established neighbourhood, sets a precedent for intensification, use and scale for future development along this underutilized avenue.