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St Gabriel Terraces

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Shane Baghai

Rafael + Bigauskas Architects.

Strybos Barron King Landscape Architecture

Shane Baghai


St Gabriel Terraces are situated along Sheppard Ave East of Baview avenue and are part of a larger development know as St Gabriel Village. It includes 2-19 storey buildings with a 12 sto- rey podium, as well as 3storey townhouses facing the residential neighbourhood to the north. The St. Gabriel Terraces provide a street edge for the development and contribute to the development of Sheppard avenue East. The retail space at grade enhances the streetscape and provides visual interest for pedestrians. The building steps back at the 7th floor to create terraces with views of the city. The long south elevation provides an ideal location for solar panels, used to reduce the building’s energy consumption.


I bet this was some sort of bizarre joke that went too far and now we're left with this visual monstrosity. Thank God I don't live in North York.

also, this could have been broken up into at least six different buildings. whats with the continuous facade in anything north of the 401? its not nice, ok, stop doing it!

how much styrofoam is in this? i bet a whole lot. i hate styrofoam. maybe it will look better when it gets really dirty! ! !

OMG Ceauşescu is alive!
And he has built a new palace!
And it is hideous!

Yes, yes! That's it exactly.

It fails even as kitsch.

A nice addition to the area

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