eq2 at Equinox

eq2 at Equinox

Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc.
Monarch Corporation / Goldman Group
Landscape Architect
Alexander Boudrevics Associates Ltd.
General Contractor
Monarch Corporation
About the Project

eq2 at Equinox joins the successful first phase tower in the heart of Scarborough Town Centre. Fronting onto Albert Campbell Square, eq2 makes a unique architectural statement on Scarborough’s skyline. The Tower rises to 30 storeys and rests on an 8 storey podium. The proposal uses the horizontal nature of the podium to anchor the verticality of the tower and this relationship is further emphasized through the use of horizontal precast elements together with vertical expanses of glazing. The podium houses a mix of residential and amenity spaces while also integrating a 2 storey pedestrian arcade which serves grade-related retail. The podium provides a backdrop to the public park expansion across the site and frames the pedestrian realm of the square. The arcade also serves as a covered pedestrian thoroughfare which connects Town Centre Court and the Scarborough Civic Centre while providing the catalyst for programmatic integration onto the public square.

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things they forgot
-a roof on the entrance
-an idea

Maybe this will dock in False Creek at the Marina...looks like a James Cheng copy.

If I had one month to live I would move here...Every day would take an eternity to pass.

bin dun

The developer did in fact try to achieve some panache for this tower fronting Albert Campbell Square, which is important because in the suburbs, even obvious points of reference like that public space are sometimes overlooked. The buildings that look onto these major civic spaces need to be attractive because they're visible from meaningful spaces to diverse people. They're great opportunities for beautiful city-building.

The tower looks good but probably doesn't bring any new business space from the square. We need that more of that kind of urban design in Toronto, public squares onto which buildings open up, with cafes, pubs, and restaurants. It keeps them vibrant and can be quite beautiful.

The names of these buildings give them away...

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