Markham Place

Markham Place

Burka Architects Inc.
V.H.L. Developments Inc.
Landscape Architect
M&M Design Consultants
General Contractor
V.H.L. Developments Inc.
About the Project

Site area: 13844 m2 GFA (gross floor area): 60950 m2 Tower A & B 31831 m2 Townhouses 1541 m2 Commercial/Offices 5914 m2 FSI (floor space index): 2.84 Number of storeys: 16 & 2 Number of units Bldg A & B plus Townhouses: 417

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There's a mania for green glass, and it is killing this city. Through a window, greenly.

That's an exaggeration, though. There's a lot of good grey, black, and blue glass on new buildings in the city.

Heyyyyy now - which one of you jokers exhumed Ceau┼čescu and asked him to design a condo building? So funny!

What happened here? I am startled at the awkward juxtaposition of high-rise with single detached home, and the hideous 'Classical' entry way collides garishly with the modern Miami style archi-speak of this building. My god Markham you are no better than Edmonton.

Horrible piece of "architecture". Go past the building and you'll see it's crooked. I didn't think it was that hard to not make a building lean to the side?

Ho hum brutalist perforated concrete. Boring. Next

Hideous, i double clicked hate it

It's much too wide for its height. From there, Art Deco symmetry couldn't help it, or any of the historicist details, which just seem garish and fake. It makes me question whether a high-rise tower was even appropriate here. Midrise buildings could have probably resulted in the same density without land wasted on surface-level parking lots and provided more continuity with the low-rise subdivisions in the area.

Where is the green space?

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